A little bit about me


Once nick named 'The Magician' by an Art Director, I'm the kind of designer who can transfer the rabbit out the hat. Give me your brief, scamps or mood board and set me to work as I turn ideas into beautifully designed and crafted finished pieces.

I even perfected (and perhaps coined the phrase) 'Tjuz'ing artwork. Mocking up flat artwork into more desirable versions of themselves for client presentations or for folio pieces. This became my forte. I'd just primp and preen the piece until it was looking it's absolute best!

My 15 years of designing includes, a thesis, 3 colourful years as the in-house designer of an Irish health club (strange I know), some travelling round sunny, culture rich Europe, two and half years as Blockbuster Australia's Designer (lots of free movies and popcorn!), several months working on Myer catalogues (Home wares, toys, fashion & electrical - good way to learn impeccable computer skills!), then Ad Land #1 was at CUBED Communications, followed by Ad Land #2 at Ogilvy One both Ad Lands offered great learning from a wonderful friend and very talented Creative Director Dave Scott. Next up has been the incredible time I've had designing for Grin Creative where I've had the chance to work extensively with magazine design, as well as honing my skills in the digital realm.

Which brings me to know... this graphic designer is retracing her steps back to more artistic roots. Creating memorable brands, beautifully crafted publications, brochures, books and painting of any kind are now on the cards. I'm in search of other people to play design and art with. If they have an appreciation for the value a designer can add, then I'd love to help agencies, studios and companies add value with art and design.

Keep your eyes peeled from some magic!


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