Are you ready to co-create with me?

Creation Alchemy is where creative conscious thought leaders and change agents align their unique essence with their business

Your brand is generally your first impression

What sort of impression are you making? You see you can be saying all the right things, and have THE most amazing product. But if you don't look like you've invested in yourself, then that is the message that reverberates all the way to your customer. If you don't value yourself, then why should they?

A 4 step process to get your brand designed


We get together and get super clear on all the important stuff. That's your why, who, what, where + how.


Then we start our co-creation process, as we form the map for your brand. With a clear foundation, we set forth on our journey to discover the brand that's been waiting for you.


This is where it's over to me. Designing not only the logo but selecting fonts and colours and coming up with brand imagery. You'll be right there with me, until we create the brand of your dreams.


Time to set your brand free into the world. You'll get all the various logo formats and a style guide to support you in using your brand. It's time to celebrate your new look to the world!

Brand Clarity & Map

A zoom session to discuss all of the important details about your business, such as, your audience, your goals & of course your vision.

Brand Map

Next we will create a Brand Map for you. This map will navigate the direction your brand takes on our creative journey together, including, imagery, colours, fonts, key words and feelings, that all incapsulate your business voice.

Logo Design

Once you have approved your Brand Map we will get to work on your logo concepts. You will receive 3 initial concepts and up to 3 revisions to these concepts.

Style Guide

This guide will serve as your brand rule book for your business and will outline fonts,colours, additional design elements and placement of graphics for the ‘ever important’ brand consistency.

Creation Alchemy is that place where we bring our own unique powerful and creative energy through for our businesses, our clients or even our own transformation.

This unique voice and message becomes the perfect Alchemy for your people. Forget looking over to what others are doing. That is for their people. Trust that what you're bringing through is exactly as it needs to be.

You'll walk away with

  • Clarity around your ideal customers, unique brand offering and personality through our brand map process.
  • A unique, easy to use logo suite, with a range of versions for use across your print and digital marketing.
  • A brand guide, not just a logo. This includes guidelines to aid you in applying your colours, imagery, accents and fonts consistently across you promotional materials.
  • The choice of 2 branded stationery items, including print-ready business cards/letterheads, email signature design or 2 social media template layouts . Plus, the original design files where applicable for re-printing.

When it’s all said and done, I don’t want you end up with a good looking brand when we are done, I want you to OWN your brand with pride.

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